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      I have cancelled the notice I gave them, he said. You will not have the pleasure of seeing the club furniture coming out into the street.

      It was hot in here: except in summer a fire was always lit in the evening to keep damp out, unless he counter-ordered it, and he drew up the blind and opened the French window that gave on to the garden. An oblong of light cast itself outside, and in it he saw a row of daffodils that bordered the lawn across the gravel path, nodding in the night wind. They were very yellow: they would cast yellow reflections on anything near them....Father, she said, and then she ran to him, stumbling over her dress, and put her hands on his shoulders.

      THE ENGINEER AT HIS POST. THE ENGINEER AT HIS POST.The boys swung their hats and gave the three cheers.

      Yes, sir; as far as I understand what has happened I do approve. I think it was the only honest course left her."Undoubtedly, as nothing has ever been heard from them. They did not leave any history of themselves on the island, or, at any rate, none was ever found."

      A traveller stopped one night at a tavern in the interior of Minnesota. On paying his bill in the morning, he received a beaver skin instead of a dollar in change that was due him. The landlord explained that beaver skins were legal tender in that region at a dollar each.


      [Pg 24]


      Well, Im sure I should be puzzled to name a pleasanter evening she said. I thought it all quite brilliant, though Im sure I claim no share in its success except that I do think I gave you all a very good dinner. Im sure I never tasted a better bit of spring salmon than that. Was it not lucky it caught my eye this afternoon. And the slippers, too, Alice! It was quite a little comedy: I am sure I have seen many less amusing scenes in a play. To introduce everybody to his slippers! That was a good idea, and it must have been quite ex tempore, for I am certain he did not know what was inside the packet till he came to the last wrappings.Frank asked why it was the whale "spouted," or blew up, the column of spray. Captain Spofford explained that the whale is not, properly speaking, a fish, but an animal. "He has warm blood, like a cow or horse," said the Captain, "and he must come to the surface to breathe. He takes a certain amount of water into his lungs along with the air, and when he throws it out, it makes the spray you have seen, and which the sailors call a spout."